Jemma Kwak
A revamping of the website for the ASUC Office of the Chief Technology Officer.
2018 - Web Design
The Office of the Chief Technology Officer is responsible for building free and accessible software and applications for all Berkeley students, including Berkeleytime, Berkeley Mobile, and Hermione. OCTO designers and engineers are currently in the process of building out a new website for OCTO, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I've included a quick mockup for the ASUC OCTO landing page along with the style guide I produced for the site.
We wanted to give the site a fresh new look that reflected the cutting-edge culture of OCTO. Additionally, our goals were to more publicly display the projects we work on, emphasize semesterly recruitment, and OCTO's increase general awareness and online presence.
Style Guide
Thank you to my team members: Justin Zhong
, Tonya Nguyen
, and Katherine Qiu
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