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Spring 2017
EthiCAL Apparel
My first stab at graphic design!
EthiCAL Apparel is a student-run apparel organization. In the Spring of 2017, I served as an associate on the design team. My team members and I were responsible for responding to design requests from campus organizations and local businesses.* Additionally, we had bi-weekly launches of EthiCAL’s own line, creating clothing designs to market to students. My designs were inspired by the tradition, culture and landmarks of UC Berkeley. These include references to our endearing mascot, Oski the Bear, friendly rivalries, and structures like Sather Gate and the Campanile.

* Often times, organizations sent in logos or designs that were in-progress. A large part of our job was to make minor aesthetic changes or prep designs for print. Thus I've only included the designs I was involved in end-to-end.

Turned into a sticker!

Also turned into a sticker!

Never made it to production, but still oddly proud of this one.

There was a steep learning curve in learning how to use Illustrator. Initially, I felt lost learning how to use the tools, but quickly learned from my design team. Quite a few of my initial designs aren't included as they clearly demonstrate that I was still getting the hang of digital illustration.

Being on the EthiCAL team was my first serious attempt to design and produce in Adobe Illustrator. My team members were wonderful at encouraging collaboration and sharing tips to learn how to effectively use the tool.

Design team's semester social! I was clearly present and not photoshopped in.

Designing alongside an incredibly supportive and fun team in addition to seeing my designs manifest in a tangible form was truly one of the highlights of my spring semester!