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Winter 2016
DeCal Redesign
Imagining a mobile course selection for alternative classes.
Defining the Problem
Democratic Education at Cal, better known as DeCal, has served as an alternative to traditional coursework at Cal. The program provides students “unorthodox” course content to earn units and learn material that might not be offered in a traditional college course setting. With over 130 courses approved, the growing number and increasingly diverse manner of these courses makes it very difficult for students to look for specific interests. There is very little indication of a DeCal's measure of student reflection.
User Research
The priority when conducting user research was to understand what made the students’ interaction with the DeCal interface both easy and difficult. What parts of it did they appreciate about the old site and current beta release? What features matter the most to students -- scheduling, number of units, ability to quickly sort through courses? How do students make the choice to choose certain courses?
Developing Personas
Brain Dump
Low-Fidelity Goals
High-Fidelity Goals
Onboarding Mockups

Standard Course Search

Sample Class Information Page

Student Profile and Feature Filters

User Testing and Feedback
Features to be added/improved upon Well-received features
This was my first in-depth case study to completely reimagine an application. I took this project to familiarize myself with Adobe Experience Design. If I were to do this project differently, I would have spent more time iterating on low and mid-fidelity prototypes to avoid having to flesh out important features when creating the final product look, which proved to be time-consuming and taxing. Additionally, I would have spent time producing a style guide to create a cohesive visual theme.